Friday, June 14, 2013

Smashbox Luminizing Lotion | Review

I’ve been using the Smashbox Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion for over a year now and I’m down to only a few more drops left :( . I absolutely love this highlighter — it’s definitely a must-have product for me. I’ve tried some other highlighters (Benefit High/Moonbeam, Josie Maran illuminizer, NARS illuminator) and this Smashbox one is still my favorite.  Sometimes I will use powder highlighters — but because I have dry skin, liquid/cream highlighters work best for me.
The Smashbox Luminizing Lotion is available in 3 different shades: diffuse (light, pearly color), flash (irridescent pink), and glow (a deep, warm, golden bronze). I am around an NC25-30 in MAC foundation shades and the color “flash” suites my skin tone the best.
Read on for some pros/cons and photos:
  • extremely natural/dewy glow
  • not overly frosty or glittery
  • instantly brightens my face, making me look more awake/healthy
  • works great for all occassions: day, night, flash photography!
  • a little bit goes a long way (I just use a small drop to each cheekbone)
  • easy to blend (I apply this using my fingertips with clean hands; you can also use a small brush)
  • absorbs quickly
  • non-greasy
  • long-lasting (all day! It even holds up in humid/hot weather)
  • may be worn alone or on top of foundation
    The label suggests mixing with foundation, too; however, I personally don’t use it this way because I only want to highlight certain areas of my face. Since the color “flash” has a slight pink tint to it, I only use it on my cheekbones.
  • has a pump (more sanitary application) 
  • price: 0.7 oz for $27  <– this is totally worth it for me, though!
    However, because you only need a little, this one bottle will last a long time!
    I use mine most days of the week and my 1 bottle lasted me 1.5 years! :D
  • the black coating around the pump starts peeling off after a few months (see photo below)
    this really bothers me because some of the black will flake off and can get on your hands/face.
  • the color “flash” has a slight pink tint to it, so it may not be the best for highlighting the bridge of your nose/forehead/cupid’s bow

This is what a fresh bottle from the box looks like:

Here is the black flaking off the pump:
(an how much I have left after 1.5 years of routine use)


Some photos of me when wearing the luminizing lotion on my cheeks:

Overall, the Smashbox Artifical Light Luminizing Lotion is the best highlighter I’ve tried thusfar!
I will definitely be repurchasing another bottle soon! :)
What is your favorite face highlighter?


  1. Hello, I loved that smashbox's artificial light but as they stopped the product I don't know What kind of product I could substitute with. Can you advise about that ? Thanks

    1. Hey! I am so sad they stopped making this smashbox luminizer : ( I now use Benefit "high beam" but it's not the same :\ not as natural looking as the Smashbox. I haven't found a good replacement yet, but am really loving Hourglass' ambient light powders -- but it's not liquid :\