Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DIY: Easy & Affordable Braided Chain Necklace

Braided large chain bracelets have been trending for quite some time now, and I finally got around to figuring out how to make one from products you can find at your local craft store (Michael’s, AC Moore, Jo-Ann Fabrics, etc). These bracelets are great for stacking to create an elaborate arm party. The thing I love most about Do-It-Yourself projects is the ability to customize the piece to your own personal style/preference.
Since making these DIY bracelets are affordable (~$3-4) and quick (~20 minutes) — you can easily make a bunch of these in all different colors to match your spring/summer outfits!  I encourage you all to explore different styles, be creative, and experiment with different color/style/textured chains and different color combinations.
If you make one, I’d love to see the finished product! Feel free to tweet me or mention me on the instagram photo so I can get the notification : ) username for both: L_LIN
Materials I Used:
  •   scissors
  •   tape or clip-board
  •   craft thread (Prism brand; I got a pack of 36 skeins for $3.99)
  •   2 bobby pins
  •   clear nail polish
  •   large chain link bracelet (buy from the jewelry section of any store OR make your own)
I made my own large chain bracelet using:
  • necklace top chain (Tori Spelling $3.99; I separated the chain and made 2 bracelets)
  • toggle clasp (Darice Jewelry Designer $1.49)
  • pliers
You can also buy the large chains from ebay by searching for “aluminum necklace chain”. Many sellers have stores that carry chains in all different colors/finishes. It’s a lot cheaper to buy off ebay, but most ship from Asia, so it can take over 4 weeks to arrive :\
I hope you give this DIY project a try!
Step By Step Video Tutorial:

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