Saturday, June 15, 2013

Maximize Comfort: Walking in Heels

Walking in heels isn’t always the most comfortable experience, especially if they’re loose-fitting and/or slippery due to lack of grip on the bottom of the heels.  I already shared a quick fix for how to make loose-fitting heels fit; here’s a quick post regarding how to fix up those heels/flats that have no grip.
Whether shoes come with no traction or they get worn down, I can’t stand it when there is no grip at the bottom! It makes walking so difficult and dangerous! Lack of grip is especially dangerous when walking on smooth tile floors or slick, wet surfaces.  There are many adhesive products out there that add traction to the bottom of your shoes — I just happen to come across Sole Stopperz at Marshalls (I love Marshalls!).
These Foot Petal Sole Stopperz retail for $6.95 on, but can be found at more affordable prices at Marshalls. They are also sold at, Target, and other stores.
I bought mine at Marshalls for $2.99 (2 pairs/package):

Notice how textured it is:

Back has a peel-off adhesive:

Clean and dry the bottom of your shoe very well, then stick it on:

Yes, it’s that simple to make walking in heels that much easier.

Happy Walking : )

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