Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Purse Organization (Purseket Review)

*Note: This post was originally written on Jan 24, 2012 on my old blog ( I am transferring the content here. 

Many purses/bags (including high-end designer purses) look amazing, stylish, and chic on the exterior — but often times only have one large compartment and a small interior pocket.  It’s difficult to keep a purse organized with just one small compartment, especially if you love carrying small items in your bag. I personally use the Purseket as my purse organizer (and have for a whole year now). It works great for me; here’s my review!

What is a Purseket?
A Purseket is a insert-able/removable purse organizer that creates multiple interior pockets for your purse. It’s pretty much fabric sewn around a sturdy yet flexible cardboard-like material so it sits snugly against the sides of your purse.

What styles/sizes are available?
There are different styles, patterned and solid-colors; visit to see which are in stock.
I don’t love the style/design I chose, but it was the best one they had available at that time.
 Small – 7” height x 20” length, 5 pockets measuring 3″, 3.5″, 4.5″, 5″, 5″ (left to right)
* Medium – 
7” height x 25” or 26” length, 6 pockets (pocket measurement depends on design)
* Large – 
8” height x 36” length, with 8 pockets

Positives of the Purseket: 
significantly reduces clutter
saves time when swapping handbags (one easy transfer from one purse to another rather than moving each item over individually)
key post (see photo below) to hang keys eliminates the need to dig around for them
creates multiple pockets in bags that only have one large compartment
provides structure to bags that are otherwise flimsy/slouchy
flexible frame (but DO NOT fold it!)

Negatives of the Purseket:
limited design selection; I don’t like most of the designs/color-combinations. I’d recommend a solid color.
if you fold your Purseket, it’s pretty much done for. I’m pretty sure the interior is some kind of cardboard.
if your keys are heavy, it can weigh down your Purseket and may prevent it from snugly hugging the side of your bag
(in my opinion) quite pricey for the material it’s made of (cardboard & fabric?)
shipping cost if ordered from (I paid $5 for S/H)



Out of the box:

I own the "small" size; but do not like the design much:

I love the sturdy key post to hang my keys:

The Purseket in the Longchamp Le Pliage Medium Shoulder Tote:

This is what things looked like in my bag before the Purseket:
Nothing is tucked away (pens, tampon, misc items)

I also use the Purseket in my LV Speedy 30:
Notice the small size does not wrap all the way around (what I intended).
If you'd like it to wrap around, try a medium or large size Purseket.

Overall, a very useful purse organizer but can use some improvements.
There are various other purse organizer alternatives out there; just search "purse organizer" and you'll find all different types. Feel free to share your favorite purse organizer and purse organization tips/tricks in the comments!


  1. what size purseket would you use for a large longchamp? large?

    1. Yes, I would recommend the large purseket for the large longchamp le pliage. Sometimes I use my medium purseket in the large longchamp and it only covers one side of the purse and doesn't stand up well in it. Hope this helps! :]

  2. I plan on buying a medium longchamp and wondering what size purseket to buy. Or would you recommend a different purse organizer for the Longchamp? Thanks!

    1. The only purse organizer I've used so far is my medium purseket (which I still use to this day!). It works okay in my medium le pliage, however, if I could go back and do it again, I would probably buy a large purseket for a better fit with more pockets. : )

  3. I bought this for my Louis Vuitton, I measured according to the guidelines. It did not fit, I asked to exchange or return and got a rude answer by email saying "ORDERS FINAL" I said how can you do business this way, not caring about a customer?? She didnt answer. I wrote again later, as I saw on her website that she did returns, and she ignored me again. BAD BUSINESS I would highly recommend NOT shopping with this woman.

    1. Wow, that's not such great customer service : ( sorry to hear that happened. I haven't had to make another purchase since my one purseket has lasted all this time and I transfer it from bag to bag, but it sucks to hear you got such bad service (or lack thereof). Hope they reply and resolve the issue soon. Good luck