Saturday, June 15, 2013

Makeup Brush Holder | DIY

*Note: This post was originally written on Jul 8, 2011 on my old blog ( I am transferring the content here. 

Woohoo, I finally got around to making a makeup brush holder! For the longest time I was keeping my makeup brushes in ugly cylindrical pencil holders or in makeup bags.
I’m sure most of you have seen the way Sephora & other beauty stores display their brushes: stuck in a vase-like glass container filled with tiny, round, crystal beads. You can buy those crystal beads online or in craft stores. Popularly used beads are called “colorfill vase filler”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the vase-filler at the craft stores around me, and I didn’t want to order online since shipping was pricey.
Materials I used:
- Square glass vases ($2.49 each @ IKEA)
- Rice
- Satin ribbon ($1.97 for 12 ft @ Walmart)
- Sewing needle & thread
- Krazy Glue
Simple steps:
- Create the bow (I made 2 simple bows, overlapped them, sewed them together)
- Use a long strip of ribbon to wrap around the vase
- Fold ribbon in half (I personally think a thinner ribbon looks better)
- Iron the folded ribbon for a crisp edge

- Super glue the bows on top of the ribbon that is wrapped around the vase
- Pour in rice (or vase filler)
More photos:
Purple Satin Ribbon I used (width: 1 1/2”):

Made 2 of these simple bows and sewed over one another:

Bow close-up:

Side view:


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