Saturday, June 15, 2013

Loose-fitting heels? Easy fix.

Your heels may be too big for a variety of reasons — here is a quick, easy, and affordable fix for that problem: heel grips!

I got mine at CVS for ~$3.50.  Make sure you don’t buy “heel liners” by mistake! Heel liners are not textured, and they don’t make my heels easier to walk in.  I have tried other brand heel grips and none have as good of a "grip" as the CVS brand.

The texture helps prevent your heel from slipping out of your shoes.

Apply it to the inside of your shoe where your heel is. The back of the heel grip has a strong adhesive.

I found it most effective to apply as close to the top as possible. Make sure it doesn't stick out over the shoe.

See, you can’t even see that there are heel grips inside the shoe. 

I do not buy heels that don’t fit me on purpose!  My problem is that I have wide feet and a normal size that fits my feet length-wise does not always fit my feet width-wise.  I usually have to buy a half to one size up; this means there will always be extra space length-wise.  But it’s okay! These heel grips are a huge lifesaver!  I have also tried the "heel grips" from Walgreens, DSW Shoes, and Famous Footwear -- and I can confidently say the CVS brand has the best grip and the best adhesive. I've had my CVS heel grips on heels and flats that I've worn for over 2 years and they still have not peeled off.  For some reason I've been having trouble finding these heel grips in stock at CVS in the last few months : ( I'm super bummed since I've had to buy subpar ones from DSW.
If you have the same problem or if you simply have a pair of heels that are a bit too big, this may be a solution.  Feel free to watch my YouTube video about how to effectively apply heel grips!


  1. I can't wait to try this out. I just bought these great heels on clearance and my heels slip out just a bit when I walk. I just bought some off amazon and will be using them in a lot of my current heels. Thnx for the post

  2. I just bought some of the heel pad thingys from amazon~ hope it helps keep my heel from slipping out of my high heels~~

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