Friday, June 21, 2013

Free Prescription Glasses & My Glasses Collection

*Note: This post was originally written on Jan 27, 2012 on my old blog ( I am transferring the content here.
As of June 18, 2013 -- the coupon code "FIRSTPAIRFREE" is still valid @!

Hello to my lovely readers! The other week I was browsing around and came across a great deal for free prescription glasses from — but didn’t want to post about it until I received my glasses and ensured that this deal was legit.  Good news: it’s legit & still going on!
I thought it was too good to be true, but apparently this site does promotions like this quite often. It’s super easy, so if you’re in need for a new pair of prescription glasses, check out the selection on the site. All you need to do is pay for shipping (I paid $9.95).
Here’s all you need to do to get free glasses:
Visit and select the frames you like
2) Enter your glasses prescription information
      Note: if you select any special lens types or extra coatings, it’s not included in the promo
3) At checkout, enter the promo code: FIRSTPAIRFREE
Yes, it really is that simple. They don’t even require you to create an account! You just need a valid e-mail address and a credit card (or Paypal) to check out.          * promo is valid for US residents only *

What you will receive with you order:Hard glasses case, cleaning cloth, a tightening screw driver, and your glasses:

My Glasses Collection:I figured I’d show you all some of the different style frames I have. While glasses are a necessity for seeing clearly, why not utilize it as a fashion accessory as well?  I wear glasses more often than my contacts because I often times work long (10+ hours) days in front of a computer and I like to have the option of taking my glasses off and resting my eyes during my breaks.

Note: Pair 1 & 2 can be found on, just do a search by brand/model
There are similar styles available for the other frames I own.
Pair #1:
Brand: Derek Cardigan, model: 7008, color: rootbeer

Pair #2:Brand: Joseph Marc, model: 4029, color: olive

Pair #3:Brand: Vera Wang, model: v072, color: tabac

Pair #4:Brand: Cosmopolitan, model: divine

Pair #5:
Unknown brand. I got these a long time ago. O_O

That’s it for now!I hope you get a chance to snag a pair of free glasses while this promo is still valid
Until next time,

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Longchamp Le Pliage Shoulder Tote | Review

*Note: This post was originally written on Jan 22, 2012 on my old blog ( I am transferring the content here. 

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Money saving tipEbates cashback program is currently celebrating their 15th year anniversary & offering 15%+ cash back for a lot of retailers, including (15% cash back for a limited time). This is a great opportunity to snag a pair of TB flats at a discount!  If you don't already have an Ebates account, you can sign up free here -- they have so many different retailers! I have used them for years to save a lot of $$$ via cash back.
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The Longchamp Le Pliage bags have been quite popular (at least on the East Coast here in the US) for a few years now. It seemed like every other woman owned one — which was the exact reason why I resisted buying one for years. However, after doing much research and searching endlessly for a versatile yet practical everyday bag… all arrows pointed to the Le Pliage shoulder tote.

** note: it seems they now refer the previously 'medium le pliage' as a "small le pliage" now.

Money saving tip: Ebates cashback program is currently celebrating their 15th year anniversary (wow!) and offering 15%+ cash back for a lot of sites, including (15% cash back for a limited time). This is a great opportunity to snag a Longchamp bag at a discount!  If you don't already have an Ebates account, you can sign up free here -- they have so many different retailers and I have used them for years to save a lot of $$$ via cash back.

Positive Aspects:
  • light-weight
  • water-resistant (I love that it keeps all bag contents dry during rain/snow)
  • shoulder strap is super comfortable 
    • comfy over the shoulder even when the bag is full and heavy 
    • the strap is a perfect drop length for my height: 5’4” – (medium has 8” drop, large 10” drop)
  • Holds so much!
    • medium=great for everyday use
    • large=perfect as a carry-on bag for travel
  • folds up into a flat, compact size
    • effortlessly folds up and fits in your suitcase for an extra purse to choose from when on vacation!
  • low-maintenence care (easy to clean)
  • simple, logo-less design
  • high-quality leather straps/embossed detailing add sophistication to an otherwise plain tote
  • versatile: looks great with a casual outfit, yet still appropriate for a more polished look
  • available in many different styles/sizes/strap lengths
    (see all Le Pliage styles here at
    You can even customize your own on the Longchamp site, pretty neat.
Negative Aspects:
  • only one large compartment and a small (virtually useless) compartment
  • lacks structure/may appear flat if you don’t have a lot of stuff inside
  • pricey if bought at retail price 
    • I recommend waiting for a sale or use promo codes for sites that carry these bags. I got my Le Pliage shoulder totes from Bloomingdales for over 20% off.
    • sign up for Bloomingdales e-mail updates to get 10% off code e-mailed to you in a few days
  • very popular bag; expect to see someone else on the street with the same bag as you
Shoulder Tote Comparison:
Medium (black) versus Large (bilberry)

Shoulder tote when folded up into compact size:

Detailing of the bag:

See my video review for size comparisons:

Which Longchamp bag do you own? Are there any you’ve had your eye on? - Free Shipping Free Returns Everyday

Update - February 2016:
Over 3 years later I am still using my Longchamp Le Pliage totes quite frequently. I always use my large Le Pliage as a personal item when I fly and I have used my black "medium" (which is now referred to as a 'small le pliage' on most sites) on the daily for work for well over 2 years.

I most recently replaced my black Le Pliage Medium with my Everlane Petra Market Tote (my review here) since I started carrying more stuff for the brutal cold winter season -- scarves, ear muffs, gloves, hats, etc.

Anyhow, both of my Le Pliage totes have held up extremely well. The corners of my black Le Pliage medium are a little worn, but not frayed and there are no holes. I'm pleasantly surprised at how well both totes have held up.

I do also want to address the fact that Longchamp now started calling their once "Medium Le Pliage" the "Small Le Pliage". From the time I initially posted this blog post until now, Longchamp did get rid of calling any of their le pliage shoulder totes "medium" size -- as there is only the small le pliage (used to be called medium), and the large le pliage shoulder tote now.  Back a few years ago they did make a small le plaige that was very small and, in my opinion, not very functional as it didn't have the capability to hold much. I'm glad they got rid of that super small size, but now it's super confusing that the current "small le pliage shoulder tote" is the same dimension as what was once called the "medium".  Do also note that to add to the confusion... Bloomingdales and some other sites still sell the "medium" size. Just always remember to check the actual dimensions before you make a purchase!

I've gotten a lot of questions on my YouTube video about which size is best for school. My answer: definitely the large Le Pliage.

If you're looking to fit notebooks, laptops, textbooks, binders: go with the large size.
If you're looking to only hold a few things like wallet, keys, phone, a tablet: the small size will work.

Please note the small (old "medium") will not comfortably fit a Macbook Pro 13" unless you put it in longways -- and it will stick out (see my photo below). I do have a case on my laptop, but even if I take it off it will be very hard to fit it completely in the smaller size Le Pliage.

Hope this update has helped answer a lot of your questions :)!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Purse Organization (Purseket Review)

*Note: This post was originally written on Jan 24, 2012 on my old blog ( I am transferring the content here. 

Many purses/bags (including high-end designer purses) look amazing, stylish, and chic on the exterior — but often times only have one large compartment and a small interior pocket.  It’s difficult to keep a purse organized with just one small compartment, especially if you love carrying small items in your bag. I personally use the Purseket as my purse organizer (and have for a whole year now). It works great for me; here’s my review!

What is a Purseket?
A Purseket is a insert-able/removable purse organizer that creates multiple interior pockets for your purse. It’s pretty much fabric sewn around a sturdy yet flexible cardboard-like material so it sits snugly against the sides of your purse.

What styles/sizes are available?
There are different styles, patterned and solid-colors; visit to see which are in stock.
I don’t love the style/design I chose, but it was the best one they had available at that time.
 Small – 7” height x 20” length, 5 pockets measuring 3″, 3.5″, 4.5″, 5″, 5″ (left to right)
* Medium – 
7” height x 25” or 26” length, 6 pockets (pocket measurement depends on design)
* Large – 
8” height x 36” length, with 8 pockets

Positives of the Purseket: 
significantly reduces clutter
saves time when swapping handbags (one easy transfer from one purse to another rather than moving each item over individually)
key post (see photo below) to hang keys eliminates the need to dig around for them
creates multiple pockets in bags that only have one large compartment
provides structure to bags that are otherwise flimsy/slouchy
flexible frame (but DO NOT fold it!)

Negatives of the Purseket:
limited design selection; I don’t like most of the designs/color-combinations. I’d recommend a solid color.
if you fold your Purseket, it’s pretty much done for. I’m pretty sure the interior is some kind of cardboard.
if your keys are heavy, it can weigh down your Purseket and may prevent it from snugly hugging the side of your bag
(in my opinion) quite pricey for the material it’s made of (cardboard & fabric?)
shipping cost if ordered from (I paid $5 for S/H)



Out of the box:

I own the "small" size; but do not like the design much:

I love the sturdy key post to hang my keys:

The Purseket in the Longchamp Le Pliage Medium Shoulder Tote:

This is what things looked like in my bag before the Purseket:
Nothing is tucked away (pens, tampon, misc items)

I also use the Purseket in my LV Speedy 30:
Notice the small size does not wrap all the way around (what I intended).
If you'd like it to wrap around, try a medium or large size Purseket.

Overall, a very useful purse organizer but can use some improvements.
There are various other purse organizer alternatives out there; just search "purse organizer" and you'll find all different types. Feel free to share your favorite purse organizer and purse organization tips/tricks in the comments!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DIY: Easy & Affordable Braided Chain Necklace

Braided large chain bracelets have been trending for quite some time now, and I finally got around to figuring out how to make one from products you can find at your local craft store (Michael’s, AC Moore, Jo-Ann Fabrics, etc). These bracelets are great for stacking to create an elaborate arm party. The thing I love most about Do-It-Yourself projects is the ability to customize the piece to your own personal style/preference.
Since making these DIY bracelets are affordable (~$3-4) and quick (~20 minutes) — you can easily make a bunch of these in all different colors to match your spring/summer outfits!  I encourage you all to explore different styles, be creative, and experiment with different color/style/textured chains and different color combinations.
If you make one, I’d love to see the finished product! Feel free to tweet me or mention me on the instagram photo so I can get the notification : ) username for both: L_LIN
Materials I Used:
  •   scissors
  •   tape or clip-board
  •   craft thread (Prism brand; I got a pack of 36 skeins for $3.99)
  •   2 bobby pins
  •   clear nail polish
  •   large chain link bracelet (buy from the jewelry section of any store OR make your own)
I made my own large chain bracelet using:
  • necklace top chain (Tori Spelling $3.99; I separated the chain and made 2 bracelets)
  • toggle clasp (Darice Jewelry Designer $1.49)
  • pliers
You can also buy the large chains from ebay by searching for “aluminum necklace chain”. Many sellers have stores that carry chains in all different colors/finishes. It’s a lot cheaper to buy off ebay, but most ship from Asia, so it can take over 4 weeks to arrive :\
I hope you give this DIY project a try!
Step By Step Video Tutorial:

Monday, June 17, 2013

Organize Bobby Pins

Organization is very important to me because I feel it boosts efficiency and makes day-to-day living just that much easier. Pinterest is a great place to browse for great tips & tricks for optimal organization. I recently tried out this great tip for storing bobby pins.  I know I am not the only one who has bobby pins scattered here and there! Okay, no need for me to ramble any further as the photos below are pretty self explanatory.
I don’t have much in this drawer, but it already looks messy:

After organizing (ah, much better):

I used a magnetic strip with an adhesive back (sold as a roll at Staples), but you can use any magnet and adhere it to a side of your drawer. You know those magnets that realtors and advertisers send? Re-use them! : )

VoilĂ , there we have it:

Happy Organizing!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

PF Shimmer Strips Swatches (Smoky Hazel Eyes)

The lovely Jenny sent me this Physician's Formula Smoky Hazel Eyes Shimmer Strip palette in one my my love packges (Thanks, Jenny!). So I thought I'd share the swatches with you all.  She noted that this was her favorite neutral eyeshadow palette prior to the UD Naked palettes — and so far I’m loving the shadows/colors in this palette, too! 

The 9 colors included in this palette range from dark to light — making it a very versatile palette where you can easily create both day and night looks with just this one palette.  Moreover, the packaging is very compact — making it great for traveling.

Here are the swatches -- they're all nicely pigmented and beautiful neutral shades! They also apply smoothly and fall out was minimal for me. Creasing is minimal when used on top of an eye primer (I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance)

The only con of this palette is that there are no matte shadows. The darkest color (on the furthest right) is almost matte — so it can be used to set your eyeliner — but all other colors are shimmer shadows.
Overall, the PF shimmer strip for smoky hazel eyes is an amazing palette that I would definitely recommend to others. Plus, it’s a drugstore product, so super affordable!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Maximize Comfort: Walking in Heels

Walking in heels isn’t always the most comfortable experience, especially if they’re loose-fitting and/or slippery due to lack of grip on the bottom of the heels.  I already shared a quick fix for how to make loose-fitting heels fit; here’s a quick post regarding how to fix up those heels/flats that have no grip.
Whether shoes come with no traction or they get worn down, I can’t stand it when there is no grip at the bottom! It makes walking so difficult and dangerous! Lack of grip is especially dangerous when walking on smooth tile floors or slick, wet surfaces.  There are many adhesive products out there that add traction to the bottom of your shoes — I just happen to come across Sole Stopperz at Marshalls (I love Marshalls!).
These Foot Petal Sole Stopperz retail for $6.95 on, but can be found at more affordable prices at Marshalls. They are also sold at, Target, and other stores.
I bought mine at Marshalls for $2.99 (2 pairs/package):

Notice how textured it is:

Back has a peel-off adhesive:

Clean and dry the bottom of your shoe very well, then stick it on:

Yes, it’s that simple to make walking in heels that much easier.

Happy Walking : )

Loose-fitting heels? Easy fix.

Your heels may be too big for a variety of reasons — here is a quick, easy, and affordable fix for that problem: heel grips!

I got mine at CVS for ~$3.50.  Make sure you don’t buy “heel liners” by mistake! Heel liners are not textured, and they don’t make my heels easier to walk in.  I have tried other brand heel grips and none have as good of a "grip" as the CVS brand.

The texture helps prevent your heel from slipping out of your shoes.

Apply it to the inside of your shoe where your heel is. The back of the heel grip has a strong adhesive.

I found it most effective to apply as close to the top as possible. Make sure it doesn't stick out over the shoe.

See, you can’t even see that there are heel grips inside the shoe. 

I do not buy heels that don’t fit me on purpose!  My problem is that I have wide feet and a normal size that fits my feet length-wise does not always fit my feet width-wise.  I usually have to buy a half to one size up; this means there will always be extra space length-wise.  But it’s okay! These heel grips are a huge lifesaver!  I have also tried the "heel grips" from Walgreens, DSW Shoes, and Famous Footwear -- and I can confidently say the CVS brand has the best grip and the best adhesive. I've had my CVS heel grips on heels and flats that I've worn for over 2 years and they still have not peeled off.  For some reason I've been having trouble finding these heel grips in stock at CVS in the last few months : ( I'm super bummed since I've had to buy subpar ones from DSW.
If you have the same problem or if you simply have a pair of heels that are a bit too big, this may be a solution.  Feel free to watch my YouTube video about how to effectively apply heel grips!