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Everlane T Shirts | Review & Photos

It's no secret that I love basic comfy shirts -- I'm guilty of having a closet full of basic tees in any imaginable color. Of the many solid colored t-shirts I own, my $15 Everlane t-shirts are the best bang for my buck.

Everlane has been on the climb the last few years, especially since they're now selling more than just t-shirts. This web-based company sells mostly basics and timeless wardrobe staples/accessories. The company boasts the motto "radical transparency", meaning they are forthright in regards to the: cost to manufacture (materials, labor, transport, etc), mark up, and factories utilized for manufacturing.

Since there are no Everlane brick-and-mortar shops, the brand is able to cut down on certain expenses and, in turn, offer lower prices for their goods via online sales. The downside is trying to determine sizing without having to pay the price of making an exchange/return. Let's be honest, sizing charts are helpful but not foolproof. It's important to note that returns to Everlane cost $5.

I've found sizing for Everlane tops vary from style to style; so hopefully my review and photos will help someone out there. This post will be a review on their v-neck and u-neck tees; I will write a separate post for sweatshirts (see my short-sleeved sweatshirt review here).

  • soft and comfortable 100% cotton
  • lightweight but not sheer
  • does not shrink or stretch in the wash 
  • reasonably priced ($15 for a V neck or U neck tee)
  • quality matches price paid
  • available in a variety of colors
  • option to email to get more info on sizing

  • difficult to determine fit before purchasing
  • returns cost $5
  • stitching around the collar needs improvement (see photo further down)

Photos & More Specifics:

First, let's talk packaging. The goodies are shipped in a heavy duty brown paper bag type package.  Well, maybe I shouldn't say heavy duty since mine had a decent size rip at the bottom.  Luckily, there were no damages to the contents inside.

Upon opening, the items were nicely folded and bound.

This is what the U-neck shirts look like laid flat:

 (colors: "red clay" and "light grey")

This is the V-neck shirt laid flat:
(color: antique)
*this looked like a slate blue online in the stock photo, but
in person it looks almost identical to my navy Everlane tee

I am 5'4'' (162cm) and 110 pounds, but I'd consider my shoulders to be slightly broad compared to my body frame (thanks to weight lifting since my high school days).  I prefer the U-neck tee over the V-neck -- but it's just based on body type and personal preference.

The U Neck has a deep scoop neckline, relaxed fit, and dolman sleeves. The wide feminine "U" scoop shows off the collarbone yet isn't too low cut. The dolman sleeves are more forgiving for those with a more athletic build since it smoothly drapes off the shoulder. I really love that the back of the shirt is slightly longer than the front -- it adds a chic style to an otherwise plain tee.  It's easier to find the right fit for the U-neck since it's meant to be rocked as a more relaxed fit. 

The V Neck is more slim and fitted compared to the relaxed U Neck. The sleeves are a bit shorter and more snug. The seam for where the sleeve attaches to the body of the shirt runs from the shoulders down to the armpit; therefore, the sizing/fit needs to be more precise as you want the seam to meet at the corner of the shoulder bone for a flattering fit.

See the photos below for a comparison of the two styles:
(U Neck in XS:  "navy",  "red clay",  and "white")

back; side (notice the slight high-low cut)

(V Neck colors: "antique" in XS,  and "moss" in S)

V Neck: front/back of shirt is the same length

Let it hang or tuck it in :p

My t-shirts are in good shape, but they are either new or have only been through a few washes. On the other hand, my boyfriend has owned his Everlane t-shirts for well over a year now. They've held up well in the washer/dryer except for one aspect: the darn stitching of the collar. 

The stitching around the collar of some t-shirts have held up well, but there are a few that have loosened or unraveled. Quite honestly, I would expect this to eventually happen after numerous washes to a $15 t-shirt. I'm actually surprised a $15 t-shirt has held up this well through so many washes. 

Despite the potential for seams coming apart after a hundred washes, so far I haven't found a t-shirt that is a better bang for my buck than Everlane t-shirts. 

Sure I can buy a similar t-shirt for $5 from Forever21 or H&M, but you really get what you pay for. Some Forever21 basic tees I own have crooked stitching and almost all of them shrank lengthwise in the wash. My H&M t-shirts are very soft and stretchy, but significantly shrink lengthwise after washing (even if I don't ever put it in the dryer). 

Gap and Banana Republic have t-shirts that hold up well in the wash, but they retail at higher price points. Definitely keep your eye out for sales and utilize cash back promotions. I have snagged a number of GAP t-shirts for less than $10 from clearance sales.

As for "high-end" designer t-shirts? Meh. I am not the type of person who is willing (or baller enough) to spend upwards of $50-$100 for a plain tee. They're out there if that's what floats your boat, but no reviews on $85 Alexander Wang or $125 Rag & Bone tees from me. I can't justify making room in my budget for those types of purchases.

Everlane works for me, and I will continue to buy their t-shirts when they come out with more colors. I'm super excited that they have a bunch of new apparel coming out this upcoming year -- I have my eye on the street shoe that is scheduled to launch on May 7!

Maltese doggy photobomb :)

Wow, sorry! I didn't expect this post to be so long. Hopefully it will help someone out there avoid paying $5 for a return/exchange! I'm still waiting for the day where all online shopping will be free shipping and free returns. Actually... that might not be good for my shopaholic tendencies.

I'd love to hear which t-shirt brands you love! Let me know in the comments!

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  1. This post was so helpful! Thanks for including so many photos. I'm quite petite and couldn't decide if I should get small or XS, but the photos you posted really helped me decide on XS. I really didn't want to order for a while becuz of the $5 return fee... but finally someone's review actually contains enough photos to be helpful!

    1. Yay! I'm glad this photo heavy post was helpful!

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  2. Very helpful information! Question! Is the white tee sheer or see-thru?? Thanks

    1. The white tee is not sheer or see through! It is still a very thin material, so not 100% opaque. But I am able to wear it with just a nude bra underneath and you cannot see through the shirt since the shirt hangs loosely for me! You can always layer a cami underneath just in case :)

  3. Would you say the U neck tee runs true to size?

    1. I would say the u-necks run true to size with a relaxed fit : ) hope this helps!

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  6. Thanks for the thorough review! :-) Everlane are offering international shipping in November, so I was planning on ordering a few tees. It's difficult to determine which size I should order though, when I know there's no option of return (the cost of return postage from Australia would be as much as the original purchase cost). I'm 5'7" and 111 pounds. Do you think an XS would be a good fit? I'm worried the XXS may be a tad too snug.

    1. It depends on which style T shirt style you are looking to get : ) the V-necks run a bit more snug than the U-necks. I think an XS would probably work best for you for most of their tees.
      Here is a recent video I made where I actually try on the shirts - hope it helps more!

      Good luck and enjoy the international shipping for Everlane :) I'm glad they are finally offering it!

  7. This post was so helpful! Thanks for including so many photos. It's defining all about V Neck Undershirts.

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