Friday, April 11, 2014

Everlane Weekender Bag | Review

The Everlane Weekender is a sturdy yet lightweight travel bag that is a perfect size to pack necessities for a weekend getaway or to use as a carry-on to supplement your luggage for a longer trip. This functional, minimalistic, stylish bag is sold on the Everlane site for $95 and measures 22" length x 12" height x 8.5" width with a 12" shoulder drop. It has one large compartment, a small zippered pocket inside, and one exterior open side pocket.

The $95 canvas weekender is available in 6 different color varieties; there are also $135 suede weekenders in 3 color choices.  I bought the "Reverse Denim" weekender and absolutely love the style.

- Lightweight
- Durable canvas exterior
- Lined interior
- Structured base
- Long enough to wear over shoulder, short enough to carry without dragging (for me; I'm 5'4'')
- Shoulder straps are a good width
- Variety of colors available
- Unisex (in my opinion); color/style is appropriate for both males/females
- Carry-on appropriate (fits in overhead compartments)

- No option to wear it across the body. It'd be nice if there was a removable shoulder sling.
- Leather straps are not lined (will wear & tear lead to fraying? TBD.)

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More Photos:

The bag is shipped folded like this. I didn't have issues with creasing.

I love the look/texture of the reverse denim in contrast to the brown leather straps.

Zipper detail.

Details of the leather straps.

Underside of the leather straps.

Exterior side pocket (only on one side).

Interior zippered pocket (measures 10" x 9").

Some clothes packed in the Everlane Weekender bag.

When looking to buy a travel bag, I also considered the Cuyana Weekender ($120) and Cuyana Overnight bag ($165). In the end, I chose the Everlane Reverse Denim Weekender because of the price and the style/color.

** This is my first impressions review of the bag. I will have to give it a few uses before I can come back with an update on how sturdy the bag is and how the leather straps hold up. I have a few trips in the horizon, so stay tuned!

Which bag do you carry and love for overnight/weekend trips?

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  1. I saw your video review on youtube and this post with photos is very helpful! I've been back n forth about getting this bag but seeing video footage of convinced me to get on it!
    I am looking to buy the navy one since I have a tendency to get my bags dirty easily.

  2. Hi, I would like to share my experience with the brand Everlane with you. Unfortunately it has been an extremely difficult and upsetting experience. I do not want anyone else to spend good money with a company that does not care about its customers.
    I purchased a Petra Market Tote on the 5th March 2014. Within the first couple of weeks of receiving the bag, one side of the bag's leather started to bubble up and away from the suede interior lining, leaving the bag looking bubbly and like an extremely cheap looking handbag.
    I contacted Everlane on the 7th April with photographs and an explanation of what has happened. I also advised that I had purchased the handbag and had it forwarded onto Australia at my own extra cost. I received a reply from 'Brian' within 4 days (contrary to their 24 hr reply system.) He was apologetic and offered to replace the 'defective' bag and that although it was not their standard policy, they would ship the replacement bag to Australia. 'Brian' asked for my shipping address, I replied and sent my address back with in 12 hours.
    Then I heard nothing from Everlane. I sent one email on the 1st of May, another one on the 8th of May before getting a response from 'Brian' on the 19th of May, apologizing for the delay and stating "We're still a small team here and with all of the new product launches recently, we've been a little bit swamped" How hard is it to send out a replacement for a faulty bag when they ship out items on a daily basis? I was asked to AGAIN send my details, to which I did, again within 12 hours.
    Today is the 29th of May and I have since sent another email requesting any information and to be kept updated on my replacement bag or a refund.
    It has now been 7 WEEKS since my initial email and I have been extremely patient and polite until now and I do not know what to do with a company that treats it customers like they do not care! Any advise or help with this issue with Everlane would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou, Katie

    1. I'm really sorry to hear you've had such a frustrating experience with everlane : ( you have tried to get this issue resolved on multiple occasions and it sucks that they still haven't taken care of it. I wish I could help :\ I hope everything gets resolved very soon. I appreciate you sharing your experience and hope the company will improve on their services to their customers.

  3. I ordered this bag as a gift in Twill Grey. While I like the style of the bag, the color was far from grey. I plan on exchanging for a different color, as the grey is actually purple.

    1. Aw, I'm sorry it wasn't the grey you were looking for. Good to know it has a purple-ish tone to it. It sucks the online photos don't always show the true color -- thanks for sharing your experience!

  4. Hey, I saw your video on youtube and it was very helpful! Thanks =D

    Just wondering, as it's been around 3 months since you reviewed it, how has the bag held up? I'm planning to get one to use as my gym bag but I've seen several complaints on the net regarding it's durability and I'm a little concerned.

    1. Hello!
      My weekender has held up well over the past months but I cannot say I've used it very routinely as I don't travel that often. I haven't used it any more frequently than every 2 weeks or so, if that. I've brought it out into light rain with no issues, thrown it in my trunk, in my closet, etc and no scuffs or tears at all. I don't think I've used it heavily enough to sufficiently give a good gauge of how well it holds up, though!
      It's a good size for a gym bag; but I would personally consider a different type of bag for the gym since the canvas material may be harder to keep clean than a nylon type gym bag. But that's just my personal preference!
      Good luck!! If you do decide to get the everlane weekender, enjoy it :D

  5. It is lovely and beautiful bags, I love the fabric and the style you go.

    1. I agree with you! I love the fabric so much :) the timeless style is an added bonus :)

  6. Curious how the bag has held up now? Please let us know :)

    1. It's holding up well after all this time through some rainy weather, too! I don't use it on a routine basis much anymore since I haven't been doing much traveling lately.