Monday, April 6, 2015

How To Clean Beauty Blender | blendercleanser solid

I have owned my Beauty Blender for about a year now and I love it!  I was a tad late jumping on the BeautyBlender bandwagon, but I now cannot imagine applying foundation without it.

I used disposable makeup sponges to apply my liquid foundation for the longest time and couldn't fathom why anyone would be willing to dish out almost 20 bucks for a single makeup sponge. Well, you know that saying "don't knock it until you try it"? Yup, that's the perfect phrase to describe my experience with this awesome egg shaped makeup sponge.

In my opinion, the beautyblender is a must-have for applying makeup on dry skin. The damp, dense, soft sponge yields a flawless makeup application regardless if you're using a liquid, cream, or powder product. The beauty blender absorbs less product so this avoids waste. It also somehow gives a more smooth finish than other sponges. Flaky uneven patches, be gone!

For a while, my only concern about this re-usable beauty blender sponge was that it stained and took a while to clean. I later discovered I was just cleaning it inefficiently -- with foaming face wash or baby shampoo.  The picture below is what my beautyblender sponge looks like after I wash it with foaming face cleanser. Notice how you can still see some light foundation stains at the tip.

I've always known about the liquid and solid blendercleansers, but was extremely reluctant to give them a try since the liquid retails for $17.95 and the solid for $15.95. Luckily, Sephora was offering a sample size of the solid beautycleanser as a 100-point-perk and I quickly jumped on this opportunity to give it a whirl.

The solid beautycleanser is truly a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I was completely shocked at how quick and painless it was to wash and completely remove any stains from my beautyblender sponge. The picture below is what my sponge looked like after a quick wash with the solid cleanser.

The solid beautycleanser also works wonderfully for cleaning makeup brushes!

How I use my Solid BeautyCleanser:
  1. Turn on the water to a lukewarm temperature
  2. Hold the dry solid beautycleanser in my dry left hand
  3. Wet the dirty beautyblender (or makeup brush) with my right hand
  4. Squeeze the water out so the sponge is damp and not dripping wet
  5. Swirl the beautyblender (or makeup brush) all over the dry solid beautycleanser
  6. Run sponge (or makeup brush) under lukewarm water
  7. Squeeze the sponge to create a lather; watch all the gunk come out
  8. Repeat again if needed, until completely clean stain-free (I usually do this twice)
  9. Wipe the top of the solid beautycleanser with a damp paper towel.
After your sponge is clean, make sure you squeeze out as much excess liquid as you can. I always wrap my sponge with a few paper towels and give it a good squeeze to suck up the extra water. The quicker it dries, the less chance of bacteria to grow in your sponge.

You can definitely wet your solid beautycleanser and run it under water if you want a better "lather", but I find this unnecessary since it uses up more product.  I've been using the steps I described above for weeks now and I have barely put a dent in my sample sized solid beautycleanser.

I seriously love this solid cleanser and my beautyblender and makeup brushes have never felt/looked this clean. It's way quicker/easier to use than baby shampoo or foaming face cleanser. Yes, the full size solid beautycleanser is $15.95, but I'm assure you it will last for a very long time.

Happy cleaning!

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  1. I got my beauty blender earlier this year and it really annoys me that even after I do a deep cleansing with baby shampoo and a few drops of olive oil... that it still has stains on it! I knew about the beauty cleansers but I always thought it was so expensive so never tried. Thank you for sharing this, I will be ordering my beauty cleanser this week since sephora is having their 10% off for beauty insiders!

    1. Yes! I've tried cleaning my beauty blender a variety of ways and even with oil based products. But no method seems as simple and effective as using the beautycleanser! It's definitely worth investing in if you use beauty sponges/makeup brushes often! : )

  2. I need this in my life. I hate cleaning my brushes and I think it's making me break out ugh

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