Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tory Burch Caroline Flats | Review

The Tory Burch Caroline flat is beautiful, leather ballet style shoe with an elastic trim. These flats are available in many different color combinations and finishes (glossy patent leather, matte leather, metallic, snake embossed leather).  The Caroline flat is pretty much the cousin of the ever so popular Tory Burch Reva flat (click here for the review on the Revas). The Carolines are more comfortable, but also more expensive--retailing at $225 (ouch). You'll also notice the Tory Burch logo emblem is smaller compared to the Revas. The particular pair I have (sand/black, matte leather) has a dual color emblem that is black outlined with gold.

I bought these Caroline flats from Bloomingdales about 1.5 years ago during their friends and family sale. Since then, I've probably worn them about once a week on average during the warmer months (where I am, ~7 months out of the 12). I've included photos below of the flats out of the box as well as their current condition after some wear and tear. I hope you find my review helpful!

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- lovely, elegant style
- versatile; easily dressed up or down (pairs well with skinny jeans, work trousers, or even a cute skirt)
- elastic allows for a snug and secure fit so your foot does not slip while walking 
- requires minimal break in period (for me personally, just a few days)
- I really love the color combination of the sand/black pair that I ordered. 

- pricey! (retail $225)
- leather is thin and easily scuffed (the patent leather seems more durable)
- very thin sole (barely any support/padding)
- not comfortable if you'll be walking for hours or for long distances, as you can feel the ground through the thin sole and the logo imprint on the inside of shoe (see photo below) becomes bothersome

My general opinion:
Although I think these flats are gorgeous and chic, I personally do not feel they are worth their full price tag of $225 per pair. I would only recommend these if you're able to get them at a discounted price during a friends & family sale or other promotion. They definitely feel more comfortable than the Reva flats and require far less time to break in.
For the price tag of $225, you can find a better flat with more substantial padding. I find that Vince Camuto makes a lot of cute flats that feel comfortable; you can probably score a pair of Vince Camuto flats from Nordstrom Rack at a discounted price.

More Photos:

Tory Burch Caroline Flats (out of the box)

Caroline Flats in sand/black matte leather (new, out of box)

After over a year of wear and tear; notice the scuffing at the toes.

The bottom of the flats (after over 1 year of wear).

The rest of the flats held up pretty well after over a year of wear.

Flats worn in indoor lighting

The imprint on the inside of the flats become uncomfortable after a bit of walking.

The sand/black Carolines in natural lighting outside.
I have relatively wide feet with no arch (you can notice this especially in my left foot). - Free Shipping Free Returns Everyday

What is your personal experience with these flats?
Tell me your favorite ballet style flats in the comments!


  1. i really love the sand black color you have! i cant find them in stores anywhere agg. i guess becuz they are the older version?? they r so cute though i like these better than all the current colors.

    1. I haven't seen the sand/black color sold in stores recently either; I think you're right -- it is because it's the older flat (I bought mine well over a year ago). The sand/black color is still available on the bloomingdales site right now: found%26cm_kws%3Dcaroline%20flats

  2. Awesome TB Caroline flats and great review. Although I still love my Revas I did buy a pair of the Camellia Pink Carolines a couple years ago. These ones.
    And recently these Boysenberry Purple ones,

    I love the color of yours, it's so nice to see Tory making then in such fun colors.

    Hope you are doing well

    1. Your Tory Burch shoe collection is amazing! I love both of the colors you own for the Caroline flats! It's nice you have a patent leather pair and also a matte leather pair. Do you find the patent leather is holding up better?
      : ) thanks for sharing your TB experience!

    2. Thanks for your kind words about my collection. I really like all my TB flats.
      I find that the leather on the Carolines is much thinner than the Revas but regardless of which style, I try to be careful when I'm wearing them. I've bumped into a few things while wearing both styles and you can start to see scratches and scares. I'm extra careful when I wear my Camellia Pink Carolines cuz I'd read several comments about how the patent material can peel. This hasn't happened to my but I'm sure the patent will scuff easier than the leather TB flats.
      I also just bought my third pair of Carolines last week during the TB 25% off Friends and Family sale. These are the ones I bought.
      I received them a few days ago but don't have any pictures of me wearing them. Once I get some pictures of me wearing them I will send you the link to my Flickr page if you want to see them?

      Happy Friday!


  3. Hope your Carolines are still treating you well. My Caroline collection continued to get bigger over the Summer and now looks like this
    And after my little Tory Burch Black Friday haul I also add this pair.

    If you are interested you can see my entire Tory Burch collection of Revas, Carolines Millers and riding boots here.

    Hope you are doing well.


    1. Ah, your TB collection is to die for! I have yet to own a pair of Tory Burch riding boots! Maybe one of these days! : ) Glad to hear you were able to haul some Tory Burch goods during black friday! You must've gotten a great deal!

    2. AHH thanks. Ya the boots were on sale. Normally $500 on sale for $300 then 30% off that. I couldn't resist. Not to mention I'm kinda enjoying the riding boot look for me. Actually all my Black Friday Tory goods were 30% off. Gotta love Tory

    3. Wow!! 30% off an already marked down price? Amazing! I'll have to keep an eye out when black Friday rolls around next year

    4. Hi there, did you get a chance to do any Black Friday shopping this year? I had "another" sucsessful Black Friday haul again this year. No boots but a few pairs of Tory flats and a couple Tory wallet

    5. I didn't get to do any black friday shopping this year : ( sounds like you snagged some great deals! Lucky! Enjoy :)

  4. Hi Lisa Lin,

    I also have a TB carolines flats but all beige color, you are right these flats are only comfy for short eeranda or to be sit down in the office but they look cute and dressy and the same time I prefer more the new TB minnies travels flats they are comfy right out the box I have 8 pairs in different colors and they became my everyday shoes, they feel like bedroom slippers and most of them I got at discount or at second hand stores. Thanks for your wonderful review and last thing, what do you think about guys that we love to wear flats?
    Have a nice day and wish you get a new pair of TB Flats soon :)

    1. Ooh, good to know the new minnies are comfortable right out of the box! I may have to go check them out in stores. That's awesome that you have 8 pairs! Jealous!
      I think it's great that guys love to wear flats, too!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment!