Friday, March 7, 2014

Shiseido Benefiance Eye Cream | Review

Skincare product review disclaimer: Skincare products will work differently for each individual since skin type/sensitivity will vary from person to person. The degree of efficacy & adverse reactions caused by one product can be very different from one individual to another. I post these reviews to share my personal experience in hopes it will provide more information for those trying to determine if the product is right/wrong for them before they spend money to purchase it for themselves.
My skin type: combination (oily T-zone) during the summer, and dry during the colder months.  acne-prone. sensitive.

In the past few years, I have tried numerous eye creams/gels/serums to help reduce & prevent fine lines; the Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream is one of the only few I find to be effective and worth the price tag. This is a rich, hydrating eye cream that has improved the look of fine lines/wrinkles around my eye area.  

I first started using this product about 2 years ago (at age 24) and loved it. Since I was younger and had barely-noticeable fine lines, I felt I didn't need to be paying so much for such a rich cream, so set out to try a few other eye creams. Most other eye creams made little to no difference and I noticed my eye area often looked dry and the skin looked a bit thin. I eventually decided that instead of wasting time/money on trying to find other alternatives, I should just stick with what I know works. I buy this for 20% off during Sephora's friends & family sale.

For reference:
The only ones I have repurchased are the Shiseido Eye Cream (I use this every night) and the Garnier Ultra Lift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Eye Cream (I use this most mornings).

- effective for reducing fine lines
- long-lasting hydration
- a little goes a long way
- absorbs well
- very mild scent 
- does not irritate the eyes
- beautiful packaging (rose gold cap)

- can feel a bit "heavy" if you have oily skin
- a bit pricey (retail price $55 for 0.51 oz)
- not the best to wear underneath makeup (unless you give it plenty of time to set/absorb)
- shape/weight of jar not functional (It looks nice & pretty, but is a bit heavy and the unique shape causes me to drop the cap often)

*I don't have issues with dark circles or bags underneath my eyes, so I can't say much about how this cream works for those concerns.

More Photos:
close-up of the rich, creamy, hydrating formula

beautiful rose gold color packaging

a photo of the first jar that I finished up completely

yup, I made sure not to let a single drop go to waste

Overall, I would recommend this eye cream to those with normal-to-dry skin who are looking to reduce fine lines around the eye area. I use it every evening before bedtime and it keeps my under eye area hydrated all night. I will only use this in the morning if my skin feels extra dry (rarely). If you plan on wearing this underneath makeup, make sure you allow enough time for the cream to really set and absorb into your skin or else your makeup may slide around. This product has been an integral part of my nighttime routine for a while now and I plan to continue to use it for years to come!

What's your skin type & which eye cream have you tried that you would recommend to others?


  1. this is my mom's favorite eye creme and i just started trying hers a few weeks ago and it's wonderful. i thought maybe it wouldn't work well for my skin since i assumed it's for more "mature" skin types -- but it is seriously great even though i just have dryness and don't have much wrinkles or anything below my eyes. but i feel like it's good to prevent the wrinkles before they appear!!

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